Cody Scott

Cody Scott


B.S. in Animal Science, Range Option (Angelo State University), M.S. in Animal Science (Angelo State University), Ph.D. in Range Science (Utah State University)

Services Provided

• Rangeland Inventory and Assessment • Livestock Stocking Rate and Grazing System Implementation • Livestock Management and Supplemental Feeding • Avoiding Poisonous Plant Issues • Rangeland Reclamation • Reclamation Following Oil and Gas Exploration

Regions Served

West Central Texas


25+ years of experience managing Range and Wildlife Operations I grew up in the ranching industry and developed a passion for improving livestock and wildlife production early in life. Early on, I wanted a career in Ranch Management. That led me to a degree in Animal Science with a Range Option at Angelo State University. During my undergraduate education, I developed a keen interest in rangeland research, which led me to pursue a Masters and Ph.D. degree in Range Science from Utah State University. After completing my Ph.D., I began teaching and conducting research at Angelo State University in 1995. During my 28 years of teaching and research at Angelo State University, I also had the opportunity to manage the range and wildlife operations on the 6,000-acre University Ranch. In 2019, I was fortunate to take over the range, livestock, and wildlife management of another 8,500-acre ranch near Colorado City, Texas. Today, my focus is on improving the sustainability of individual range and wildlife operations within the context of the landowner’s goals and objectives. At Scott Rangeland Consulting, the focus is on long-term sustainable livestock and wildlife operations. Our recommendations are science-based but enhanced with 28 years of rangeland and wildlife management experience. That approach begins with an understanding of landowner goals for the property. From there, we will develop a long-term plan that includes range improvements and balancing forage conditions with livestock and wildlife enterprises. Long-term sustainability is only achieved through improving forage production and plant diversity. Please feel free to contact us at Scott Rangeland Consulting if we can help with the management and sustainability of your property.