Steve Nelle


Services Provided

I provide range and wildlife management consulting services to landowners and properties of all sizes whether it is a traditional livestock ranch, wildlife operation, recreational property or a mix of these. The focus of these services is always directed toward the conservation of land, water and wildlife and to encourage and support responsible stewardship. A partial list of services provided includes: range and habitat assessment, forage and browse inventory, range and habitat improvement options such as range re-seeding, brush management, stocking rate evaluation, rotational grazing, deer herd management, exotic game management, riparian and watershed management, and drought management and recovery. Consultations may be a one-time, one day visit or ongoing and periodic according to what is needed and desired. Included in each consultation is a comprehensive written report of each visit. My goal is to help you understand your land better and equip you to make good land management decisions and help you become the very best expert of your own land.

Regions Served

My primary regions of experience and expertise are the Edwards Plateau, South Texas, Trans Pecos and Rolling Plains of Texas although I also work outside of these areas.


I have had the privilege of working with private landowners across Texas continuously since 1976 giving me a broad and deep understanding of natural resource management in the regions listed above. I have worked with over a thousand different landowners on millions of acres and have learned valuable lessons from each one. I understand that each ranch or rural property is unique and special and that each landowner has their own unique goals and objectives. My ambition is to help you carry out your dream and vision for the land. My formal education was at Texas Tech in range and wildlife management. My 35 year employment as Wildlife Biologist and Range Conservationist gave me extensive exposure to many fine ranchers and the best natural resource professionals in Texas. My 12 plus years in private consulting have enabled me to gain an even deep understanding of natural resource conservation. A resume with more details of my work experience is available upon request.